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With all the traffic in NYC we needed a better and faster way to manage our parking garages, we called AT&I Systems and they designed a cost effective video management system. We now view all our garages and attendants remotely from our office enabling us to manage more effectively while reducing our overhead. Their systems have been a great investment and we don’t open a garage now without a system from AT&I.  These guys know their business.

Lincoln Llopiz, V.P.

Quik Park Garages, New York City

Access Control Fort Lauderdale

What Do Fort Lauderdale facilities value the most about their Access Control?

Access control technology is used every day by businesses in Fort Lauderdale. The exact use varies, as some businesses use it primarily to restrict the entrance and exiting of a property, while other businesses might implement access control technology with security chambers among others to form safety boxes. In the end besides whatever specific reason these Florida enterprises have to use this security technology, most of them benefit greatly from it. Unlike any other form of security, access control can be implemented and used in many different ways.

Most Fort Lauderdale businesses that use access control in their storage agree that the data provided is valuable. Data collected by access control often revolves around specific statistics of entry/ leaving rate of the enterprise premise. This means employers can use this data to find insights on their employee’s performance as well as efficiency of their individual businesses. This type of access control is often used at check points such as security gates, meaning the data is normally very accurate.

Other businesses, such as those that integrate access security into safety boxes and chambers benefit from the precision and reliability of today’s modern access control. Unlike in the pass where access control would only conform to do simple security tasks, today’s complex access control allows facilities such as banks and ATM operators to use access control to protect their funds and machinery. Initially the majority of safety boxes would be made with manual non digital safety mechanism. Although still used today, technology has advanced enough to make access control technology more convenient and responsive than manual lock mechanisms (traditionally used on safety boxes). Banks and ATMS both benefit from the many security capabilities new access control systems offer.

Access security can also be synced with other security equipment. This is why many florida businesses benefit from access systems with alarm triggering systems. Old access security systems often failed to direct breaching attempts. However this new, more responsive technology can counter crimes with built in security measures. A good example is banks and similar institutions with access systems capable of auto shutting down if the wrong access code has been entered several times in a row. This is just one example of different security solutions working together with an access system.

Today access systems are capable of providing from simple home property security to huge enterprise protection. This flexibility has made this security solution one of the most chosen and used among most Fort Lauderdale businesses. As a business owner is always worthy researching new technology capable of aiding the extension of your business longevity. Access security services are most often offered by security companies. Contacting a reputable security company is the first step in the process. Once the company is contacted you will be advised and shown an extensive range of options and plans to suit your needs. Remember that although security access (or any form of security for that matter) is not mandatory for your business, adding the right systems can exponentially guarantee your business against crime in the long run.



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