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We trust AT&I Systems for all our Video, Alarm and Access Control Systems at our Branches and Operations Center in Florida. I always know I can count on them for any issues whether its 10am or 10pm, they are always there for us.

Maria Garcia, V.P.

First Bank Florida

CCTV In Miami

Scenarios In Which Your Miami Business Can Most Benefit From A CCTV

CCTVs are movable high quality recording devices, most often used for supervision and security purposes. Unlike the average security camera, CCTVs are capable of working on a point to point (or P2P for short) sequence, by being either automatically or manually conducted. This means CCTVS could potentially monitor a wider area of a Miami business than a regular, stationary security recording device. CCTVs tend to rise in price with more capabilities and operating options. Most CCTVs have been known to prevent crime all over the world and in this case, in many dangerous circumstances in the state of Florida.

A key scenario to consider (for those debating whether or not to buy a CCTV) is in daylight robberies and break ins. Stores of all classes  have equal chance of experiencing a robbery. This is particularly bad news for small store owners who cannot afford broken or stolen merchandise. In these situations, strategically positioned CCTVs have been known to be a great deal of help. In many circumstances, CCTVs are capable of recording plate license of getaway vehicles or provide strong descriptive information to law enforcement in order to start off a criminal hunt. CCTVs have also helped by recording facial features, specific traits of criminals such as facial hair, skin color or ethnicity and even weight estimates, all of which again, aid greatly in the success of a criminal hunt.  CCTVs also act like insurance policies in many cases. By helping in a police criminal hunt, they substantially increase the chances of your stolen merchandise to be returned and recovered. Even if the price might seem more than modest; they can help save thousands more.

CCTVs have been known for their use in courts to fight legal battles and accusations. Unlike a witness, or a written testimony; visual proof of an event is one of the strongest evidences available. In many cases Miami business owners find themselves on legal battles that often involve, false accusations from employees or customers or misconduct that requires serious retribution. In these situations, CCTVs are likely to act as unbiased witnesses of the events. If the CCTV is capable of proving with visual or auditory prove of the culpability of the second party, cases are more likely to be won.

CCTVs may not exclusively safe guard a business or residence, but there are instances where they  play a key role in a community problem. Many CCTVS that have the task of guarding Florida and Miami businesses in heavily populated streets may just have the right angle to record a happening. Although it may sound as a farfetched, rare possibility, everyday many CCTVs (privately owned) prevent public crimes and incidents. Hit and run car crashes or accidents, public tumults and riots, vandalism and even terrorist acts have been able to be prevented with the aid of CCTVs.

Needless to say, countless situations benefit greatly from a CCTVs and its recording dexterity. This is why CCTVs are powerful security solutions for almost any enterprise.

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