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We trust AT&I Systems for all our Video, Alarm and Access Control Systems at our Branches and Operations Center in Florida. I always know I can count on them for any issues whether its 10am or 10pm, they are always there for us.

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CCTV Miami

  1. Are CCTVs Capable Of Preventing Crimes In Miami Altogether?

CCTV technologically advanced cameras are capable of recording and monitoring areas with precision. They can zoom in and rotate, as well as record in high resolution. All of these features are responsible for making the CCTV preffered security device in Miami Florida warehouses and high security demanding places. But the question that many still ask is whether or not these cameras are capable of detecting crime and possible security breaches ahead enough to prevent serious casualties.

CCTVs are strong pieces of equipment that although can work completely automatically, they work best when combined with human monitoring. Although CCTVs can hardly stop a break in from occurring, with the aid of a security guard or employee who is alert and observant of the live recording, a break in be prevented when a human observer sees the act and easily makes a call or set an alarm that can prevent the crime from occurring.

The ability of a CCTV camera of stopping crime also depends greatly on the specific situation and environment said equipment is located. If a CCTV is located on a high crime area where criminal individuals do not feel threaten by the presence of security equipment, this piece of monitoring technology could do very little in preventing a crime from occurring. Nevertheless the CCTV would still perform its function and record possible intruders (the footage can help authorities persecute these criminal figures). Likewise, in a low crime area, a visible CCTV can remind thieves that their movement in being recorded and that their chances of getting away are slim, thus the chances of a CCTV preventing a crime from happening are much higher.

CCTVs and their unique features influence greatly on their prevention of crime. Some simple CCTVs can only record, while other more advanced pieces of equipment include everything from sound detection to mobile syncing (this ability allows owners to observe their locations from their phones, computers and other devices). Combined with the right technology a CCTV could automatically stop a break in. Premises that require high security often use advanced CCTVS capable of detecting movement and setting alarms when the “movement” threshold is broken. In essence this technology not only records the intruder but also stops the crime event from happening altogether.

Some security companies also provide the technology and service needed to make a CCTV the ultimate security provider. Although the equipment can be self managed, a professional security company can offer a service that manages this type of security equipment for you. A CCTV managed by a company, will have attentive and professional employees observing your business for you and use multiple security measures to prevents crime from occurring. Some of the measures include, notification of suspicious activity, automatic alarms and authority notifications if criminal activity is witnessed, ability to shut down or lock places of a premise to stop the break in of criminals and much more. In this unique situation CCTVs become very capable of stopping most, if not all security breaches from occurring.



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