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With all the traffic in NYC we needed a better and faster way to manage our parking garages, we called AT&I Systems and they designed a cost effective video management system. We now view all our garages and attendants remotely from our office enabling us to manage more effectively while reducing our overhead. Their systems have been a great investment and we don’t open a garage now without a system from AT&I.  These guys know their business.

Lincoln Llopiz, V.P.

Quik Park Garages, New York City

Miami CCTV

What To Ask Miami Security Experts In Regards To CCTVs?

As Florida business owners, property owner and so on, is important to assure to our customers and family high security with good solutions. Discussing your individual options with a security specialist is usually the best way to go. CCTVs are often one of the most consulted products when it comes to security. They come with a reasonable price tag but they are also misunderstood as an technology product by most small Miami business owners. Which is why for those who are seriously considering a CCTV camera as a security measure is important to know the right questions to ask the experts. Although their best interest is always to provide the best advice, some key points might go unanswered if (obviously) not asked.

One of the main questions one should ask is with regards to CCTVs available for your specific business. Different businesses have different options. Small stores might not require the same level of CCTVs as Miami storage businesses, and vise versa. Size, purpose and environment of the security camera play an important role when it comes to choices. CCTVs have a variety of capabilities from hd recording to various degrees of movement, asking how these options would play in your specific scenario is crucial. Many times standard doesn’t cut it for security, instead is always good to go for customization, this is what can give you the most leverage in a danger situation. CCTVs can protect your establishment but only if the best choice available is used. When asked this question, most specialists will ask a range of questions in order to determine the right options for your business. Ask this question right away to weed out inefficient options.

When it comes to saving on security is at least worth the shot of asking for promotions or special offers. Specialist that work for a security company are well informed on deals and packages that might get you what you are looking for and possibly more. Deals save money and allow you to gain more security. Even if specific promotions are not available, security specialist can point you to the right vendor or security dealer; one that hopefully offers the most competitive prices and quality.

Equipment management and requirements will eventually emerge in the topics, and in order to stay on budget and buy the adequate CCTV for your Miami business, you will want to make sure the specialist answers the questions regarding this matter. What sort of maintenance does the CCTV you are looking for requires? Do you have to monitor its recordings? Is it automatic? Can it be accessed wirelessly? All of these cross related questions should at least get mentioned once (and hopefully answered as well).

Specialists are knowledgeable on the security subject. Many times they poses years of counseling and helping clients achieve their security needs. They are trust worthy individuals whose opinion should matter more than individual vendors who may just try to persuade you to buy their products/service. Before ever spending money on a security system or CCTV, make sure to have received proper consoling.



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