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When our previous company couldn’t get the job done we called AT&I Systems. We now use AT&I for all our IP Video System installation and repairs. They have been a great asset, we know if they are on the job it will be completed on time and on budget.

Paul Garcia, V.P

Brandsmart USA

Miami Video Surveillance

Miami Video Surveillance – Still the Best Security and Monitoring System

Video surveillance systems have developed into one of the most functional and effective security solutions today. You can see video surveillance cameras in banks, airports, malls, stores, and just about everywhere you go – even in residences. Miami video surveillance allows you to keep an eye on almost everything: your home, business, properties, everything. Even with the endless innovations of various security systems, video surveillance is probably still the best mechanism to protect not just your properties, but also to monitor your family’s safety against intruders and criminals. It can even serve as foolproof evidence against offenders and lawbreakers.

Numerous Options to Suit Your Needs

Setting up a suitable video surveillance system for your home or business is simple. With so many types of video surveillance equipment on the market, you are sure to find the perfect option that’s just right for your budget. There are systems which directly connects live video surveillance to your computer, and even ground-breaking solution that allows you to view surveillance videos using your iPhone or Android phone. This provides a sense of security and comfort wherever you go; knowing that you can check your home/property and office milieu with the flick of a finger – literally! As long as you can access an Internet or WiFi connection, you can easily retrieve and view the feed from your Miami video surveillance system.

If you plan on putting up video surveillance for a smaller place such an apartment or condo, wireless video surveillance cameras are also available. These gadgets can make your system simpler in that they don’t need expert installation skills and do not require complex configuration. However, if you want wider video surveillance coverage, you can always set up extra wireless cameras for additional protection.

If you want to monitor household help, employees, or occupants, you can also install hidden and recorded video surveillance cameras. It’s basically about positioning the cameras in order to reduce costs when you purchase multiple video surveillance camera units. Installing your surveillance video is likewise straightforward. If you have the skill and experience to setup the system yourself, it wouldn’t be much of a problem. But if not, you can always avail of installation service for a lower fee by looking for the best Miami video surveillance service providers.

Surveillance videos can also be categorized into indoor and outdoor types. Indoor cameras are actually installed in ceilings and typically have sleek designs to keep with and maintain that cozy interior design of your home. For business, indoor cameras are essentially positioned in locations with extensive views to protect valuables, goods, while also monitor staff and personnel. Outdoor cameras, on the other hand, are those which are designed to endure and outlast different types of weather. There are weatherproof cameras which are built to work against snow, heat, wind and rain. Some models –both indoor and outdoor types – even have motion sensors that can record and capture when any kind of movement is detected in the vast surroundings.

More Specific Choices

You options are actually limitless with wide variety of Miami video surveillance systems. Some of the latest surveillance video types available on the market include the Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) surveillance video cameras, night vision video cameras, Vari-Focal cameras, IP cameras, IR Long Range cameras, high resolution cameras, and so much more. As you probably surmised, these video surveillance systems are connected to digital video recorders (DVRs), which display the images to your computer or even directly to your phone. More sophisticated DVRs usually allow video images to be viewed online; enabling you to scrutinize surveillance videos anytime, anywhere.

Think of It as Self-Empowerment

By setting up a Miami video surveillance system, you can protect your family and businesses; and crimes may be significantly lessened. Surveillance video system is always a worthy investment, if you want to shield your home and family from felons or shady characters, and safeguard your business from further losses. Install your video surveillance system now and have gain peace of mind for you, your family and your business.



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