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We trust AT&I Systems for all our Video, Alarm and Access Control Systems at our Branches and Operations Center in Florida. I always know I can count on them for any issues whether its 10am or 10pm, they are always there for us.

Maria Garcia, V.P.

First Bank Florida

Security Cameras Fort Lauderdale

Are There Enough Security Cameras in Fort Lauderdale?

Are you a Fort Lauderdale resident?  Do you wonder how you can protect yourself and your family from crime?  Do you own a business that you’d like to protect from theft?  If you answered yes to any of those questions, you should consider equipping your home or business with security cameras.  AT&I can provide your home or office with excellent security cameras to watch over your family and employees.  How often do you hear of people who get harmed in front of their own homes due to lack of proper surveillance? Some people say that surveillance is not enough to stop crime.  However, research shows that at least 80% of criminals think twice before doing something illegal when there is a security camera on the premises.  Clearly, it is enough of a prevention and can put off mischief, both major and minor.

Vandalism is one of the main misdemeanors that get caught on security cameras in Fort Lauderdale.  You have probably heard of cars and walls full of graffiti in areas that are simply not intended for that purpose.  Most of these instances occur at night, when most people cannot see what is happening outside.  This is something that can easily be prevented by using security cameras in more places.  It is not enough to just have them in government buildings and airports.  You can avoid having your property vandalized by using them to watch your home or business day and night.  That way, you can keep your expensive equipment at work protected.  You can also protect your home, car, and pool from being destroyed.  When people who are up to no good see that they are being watched, they usually turn around and leave instead of vandalizing your property.

Another crime in Fort Lauderdale that is often captured by security cameras is robbery.  Convenience stores are usually targeted when it comes to this kind of crime.  Sometimes, thieves will think twice when they see that they are being watched by a security camera.  Even if they don’t care that they are being watched, their faces will be captured and it will be much easier for investigators and police officers to find out their identity.  Without proper surveillance, it is much more difficult to find suspects and them to justice.

Drug dealing is another offence in Fort Lauderdale that would be significantly reduced by implementing security cameras in various areas.  There is a dire need to watch youth closely to prevent this, especially in and around schools.  Most of the time, teens and young adults buy, sell, and use drugs in school hallways, restrooms, gymnasiums, and cafeteria.  Wouldn’t using security cameras in schools reduce the number of drug-related incidents?  Wouldn’t it make schools a safer place, for both students and teachers?  It would be an effective way to prevent teenagers from dealing with illegal drugs to begin with, because schools and school playgrounds are the most common places young people deal with them.

Cleary, making use of security cameras can reduce the number of crimes committed in Fort Lauderdale homes, stores, schools, and businesses.  Are you ready to start feeling safer? AT&I is ready to help.



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