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With all the traffic in NYC we needed a better and faster way to manage our parking garages, we called AT&I Systems and they designed a cost effective video management system. We now view all our garages and attendants remotely from our office enabling us to manage more effectively while reducing our overhead. Their systems have been a great investment and we don’t open a garage now without a system from AT&I.  These guys know their business.

Lincoln Llopiz, V.P.

Quik Park Garages, New York City

Security Company In Miami

Does It Matter Which Miami Security Company You Work With?

Security companies are there to help businesses and homes protect what they value and feel the need to protect. But is there any significant difference between these private companies? Are their goals the same? And do you as a client and customer have anything to lose or worry about when picking a security company? The answer varies greatly depending on your end goals for your business or security levels. Most security companies will at least be able to provide you with some form of security solutions but there are many differences that distinguish each security company precisely from one another.

A good example of a major difference between security companies is their knowledge of the security field. Although security equipment is an important part of preventing crime is only the first part, having quality experts capable of designing a plan and strategic set up for the equipment is equally (or perhaps more important) than the actual capabilities of the equipment. If this doesn’t seem as a huge difference to be aware off think about it in terms of budget. An expert security specialist working for a security company, can advice you in which security equipment will be suit your needs as well as which equipment is too overpriced or unnecessary for your end security goal. A good specialist can provide with insight and a strategic plan to minimize spending and maximize security.

Another big difference between Miami security companies is their ability to provide wide range of equipment. Small security companies might only have access to small equipment providers that have second hand security equipment. This in essence limits your choices as the buyer. These types of companies are also likely to not have true professionals on board capable of suggesting and consoling a client through the process of setting up their security solution.

Bigger companies also have the experience and resources to take on bigger jobs as far as setting up security for big enterprise building and even whole communities. These types of companies are usually more experienced and have the resources and experience to get large security jobs done. Smaller security companies might struggle on this type of job. They may also be unable to perform any sort of custom security solution.

Some Miami security companies might also charge more depending of their specialized service. Hence cheaper companies tend to be more general and less specialized. If your end security goal is to work with an expert company then a higher priced, premium company could be what you need. On the other hand if you main goal is for a simple non specialized security solution a small company could work as well.

Choosing the right company to work with is an essential part of planning your security. Not all companies provide the same service and/or equipment. Although it might seem of little important, using a good security company could make the experience a lot more smoothly if the right company is chosen correctly.



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