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With all the traffic in NYC we needed a better and faster way to manage our parking garages, we called AT&I Systems and they designed a cost effective video management system. We now view all our garages and attendants remotely from our office enabling us to manage more effectively while reducing our overhead. Their systems have been a great investment and we don’t open a garage now without a system from AT&I.  These guys know their business.

Lincoln Llopiz, V.P.

Quik Park Garages, New York City

Security Systems West Palm Beach

What Determines The Life Span Of Security Systems Installed In West Palm Beach Homes?

One of the many questions potential security clients have is the potency and life expectancy of the equipment they purchase and invest on. Is needless to say security is a luxury and is normal to have these sorts of questions. Nevertheless this answer depends on many factors. West Palm Beach properties with security systems active for more than 1 year are often surprised when the equipment still runs strong and smoothly day after day. This is because most security system is made to endure and last. However in order to answer this question regarding life of the average security system we have to first take some things into account.

One of the first points to consider when determining the average life span to expect from your security equipment is determining the type of equipment. Alarms usually last less than cameras and recording devices, while access and gates tend to perform hand by hand with cameras (as far as life expectancy goes). The reason the type of equipment is so important is because different equipment is compose of diverse materials.

Quality of equipment is also highly relevant on this matter. Brand and reputable equipment may as well be better and thus last longer. Price can also be used to judge quality. Higher end equipment (although not necessarily) may last longer than lower price security systems. Whatever equipment you are looking to install on your West Palm Beach home, expect it to last longer based on the actual cost.

However cost is not everything. The environment where the security system will be place is also important. Security cameras under extreme weather (hot or cold) may last less compared to monitoring devices that stay on balanced environments. Luckily for most West Palm Beach property owners, most security equipment is built and reinforced with the idea it will be place in environments with less than ideal conditions.

Some security equipment malefactions and may even break down in a relatively small time frame, but proper maintenance and the right security company can make all the difference in the life on the equipment. Most security companies offer some sort of ongoing repair service to fix any problem the security equipment may have. Repairs are often necessary to maintain cameras, alarms and gates working smoothly continuously. Even high ends, sophisticated pieces of security solutions have a likely hood of breaking down or developing a glitch of some sort. Repairs and equipment check prevent these malfunctions from reducing the expected life of the security machinery.

These are just some of the many factors that affect equipment vitality. Security equipment is made to last, but even this is not enough to stop this delicate pieces of technology to deter. Much like any other electronic or gadget, security equipment is bound to deteriorate as time passes. Nevertheless by upgrading and keeping the equipment in the best possible shape you are assuring that its duration extends.


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