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When our previous company couldn’t get the job done we called AT&I Systems. We now use AT&I for all our IP Video System installation and repairs. They have been a great asset, we know if they are on the job it will be completed on time and on budget.

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Surveillance Systems Miami

Can Miami Schools Benefit By Using Surveillance Systems?

Unlike regular Miami businesses that often make enough profit to cover up expenses such as security, Miami Schools are usually government or federal state owned properties. Schools are given a budget. Some budgets are larger than others but nevertheless no matter big or small the budget actually is, at the end of the day is limited and finite. Which is why when it comes to spending anything outside of the budget, there will always be conflicting arguments. Is it worth spending on a stronger surveillance system? Can it prevent anything our current security measures can’t? All of these answers depend heavily on a set of factors (that will be discussed on this article). It’s important to acknowledge that although most Miami schools already employ some form of surveillance security this doesn’t mean it’s up to date. This means some schools might be missing out of powerful monitoring solutions available to help them on their security goals.

Is it worthy for Miami learning institutions to spend extra in technology upgrade? The answer may vary, but from a benefit stand point; spending on technology upgrade is very well worthy. Technology advances fast and many products in technology make huge capability jumps when upgraded. Think about mp3s and their extreme progress in the last decade. This staggering jump in gadget capability can be seen in almost any technology dependent industry, including surveillance technology. Upgrading can be seen as a waste, yet this security gadget could come with new or improved security skills.

Another big consideration to be taken into account is the end goal of Florida and Miami schools; providing a better learning environment for the students. Public schools experiencing fall of grade performance and misconduct problems might need a more responsive surveillance system. Students face many distractions in the average school ground. These distractions also lower grades and derail students from their academic potential. In order to get an insight into these problems, a strong security system can help tremendously. Monitoring and understanding the students is the first step towards creating a better learning environment, and this first step can be taken with surveillance technology.

Schools are also the main ground of interaction for many student and teachers. Surely most teachers can agree that sometimes inducing their knowledge to students can prove challenging for a couple of reasons. They have different ambitions, goals and passions and unless you can tap directly into their center of interests they will have a hard time enjoying the class or teaching method. But with surveillance data, testing performance and finding effective teaching methods becomes a possible task.

Surveillance system technology can now be used for more than security purposes. Miami schools are proving this fact. Allocating a school budget can be a difficult task, which is why the goal is to always maximize the budget to increase student and teacher performance. With this said, whether or not schools make the switch to the right monitoring technology, could be the difference between a better learning environment and a less learning optimized environment.


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