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When our previous company couldn’t get the job done we called AT&I Systems. We now use AT&I for all our IP Video System installation and repairs. They have been a great asset, we know if they are on the job it will be completed on time and on budget.

Paul Garcia, V.P

Brandsmart USA

Weston Security

3 Security Options Weston Businesses have for Property Protection

Weston business owners and home owners alike share one thing in common; they are probably in search of good security solutions to protect their valuables. To begin with, security is essential for any enterprise or property. Criminals are willing to risk breaking several laws and even lifelong affecting penalties if they believe your property (whether commercial or private) has low security that can be broken and successfully taken advantage off. With this in mind, the best security solutions are provided by professional security companies. As an property owner, you have different security options available. Depending on your budget and your individual expectations the range of options to choose from is considerably favorable.

One of the most basic but effective security options for potential buyers is the classic security gate. Weston properties large enough or with the right proportions can benefit from a security gate. Most security gates are either automatic or manual, however some hybrids of the product exist. Usually security gates are the first level of defense against direct attacks from criminals. A gate can help you regulate who enters and who doesn’t enter your property. This is particularly favorable for businesses or homes wanting to stop the free flow of individuals into their private zone.

Gates are direct measures, but even gates can fall or exploited if criminals come prepared. To top it off, gates do not provide visual data as to who exactly is trying to enter your property. This is why, security cameras are the second highest regarded security measure. Unlike gates, cameras don’t directly confront crime attempts, but they can be particularly valuable if the monitoring data is being watched at the moment of the crime attempt. Cameras allow the person using them to safely retreat, call for help or authorities in the moment of the attack. Likewise, cameras can be that strong prove in court to claim for damages and/or convict aggressors.

Even then cameras lack the direct response as gates. Some will monitoring a crime is not enough to prevent a robbery that can result in thousands of dollars lost. This is without counting the fact that cameras don’t complete guarantee the criminals will be caught. In fact depending on the angle of monitoring power of the cameras, hard enough evidence to successfully catch the criminals could be difficult. This is why a third security option exists for Weston citizens; security alarms.

Unlike cameras, alarms do not record or monitor. However they serve as direct response measures against criminal break ins. Alarms are stronger responses to break ins than cameras or gates for the simple fact that they directly counter a criminal breach by triggering a set of alarms and personalized responses. For example, the average camera will set off a loud sound capable of alerting neighbors and onlookers that a criminal breaking might be taking place, these on lookers can quickly act and record evidence or serve as witness if the thieves were to get away. Advance alarm systems can even be automatically call the authorities to the property as soon as the breach has been identified.



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