Security Cameras West Palm Beach

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When our previous company couldn’t get the job done we called AT&I Systems. We now use AT&I for all our IP Video System installation and repairs. They have been a great asset, we know if they are on the job it will be completed on time and on budget.

Paul Garcia, V.P

Brandsmart USA

Are you looking for security cameras in West Palm Beach? Whether you want to closely monitor your home, or protect your business with audio-visual surveillance, AT&I Security can help you meet your needs. Below, we will delve into the differences between security cameras for West Palm Beach home protection, as well as security cameras for West Palm Beach business protection.

Security Cameras for West Palm Beach Home Surveillance

Security Cameras West Palm Beach

Protecting your home is a very serious concern for any home owner, whether you’ve just bought your very first house or whether you’ve been living in your current home for decades. And most home invasions happen when you and your family are out of the house, especially when you are away at work or out of town on vacation.

Today’s advanced technology allows homeowners to monitor and record what goes on in their homes when they are away. Using digital IP (Internet Protocol) cameras, you can record as well as broadcast a live video feed straight to your smart phone. With our help, we can set up any form of home surveillance system, as well as integrate it with any anti-intruder alarm system for added security and protection.

Security Cameras for West Palm Beach Business Owners

Unfortunately, rates of theft and crime are on the rise in West Palm Beach. Smart business owners are already aware of this trend, and they are taking action. Investing in a comprehensive video surveillance system can protect you from hundreds or thousands in stolen assets. Likewise, visible video surveillance has been statistically shown to drastically reduce business theft, both from would-be shoplifters and untrustworthy employees. AT&I Security can help you secure your business, whether you’re looking for analogue, digital, or CCTV protection.

Whether you decide on an analogue or a digital system, we can help you program up to 32 separate channel units with digital video recording capabilities. We can program motion detection into your system, streamline your business with video analytics, and also establish remote viewing capabilities. We can also help set you up with top of the line surveillance equipment, ranging from LCD touch-screen flat panel monitors to security cameras which are equipped with infrared and night vision capabilities.

AT&I Security also offers CCTV service for West Palm Beach businesses. If you call us today, we will be more than happy to send an AT&I Security representative out to evaluate your property, and help you decide whether a CCTV security system is right for you.

Whether you need a secure monitoring system for your home, or video surveillance for your private business, AT&I Security can provide you with the security cameras West Palm Beach residents need. No job is too big or too small, and all of our private consultations are free of charge. Call us today and get started fulfilling your security needs.

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