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With all the traffic in NYC we needed a better and faster way to manage our parking garages, we called AT&I Systems and they designed a cost effective video management system. We now view all our garages and attendants remotely from our office enabling us to manage more effectively while reducing our overhead. Their systems have been a great investment and we don’t open a garage now without a system from AT&I.  These guys know their business.

Lincoln Llopiz, V.P.

Quik Park Garages, New York City

Retail Solutions

Whether you operate a jewelry store, convenience store, or supermarket, the bulk of your investment is tied up in overhead and inventory. Securing your inventory from theft, ensuring that every transaction is complete and legitimate, and optimizing employee productivity are keys to success in retail. AT&I Systems’ integrated solutions reduce shrinkage, protect assets and drive profitability.

Loss Prevention

Employee theft and shoplifting are serious problems for the retail industry. Trying to prevent one issue can distract management from controlling the other. AT&I Systems integrates powerful solutions to help deter and reduce theft while also streamlining administrative efforts.


AT&I Systems provides you with the information required to improve customer service and increase operational efficiency. We use the latest technology to increase through-put and enhance the checkout experience for your customers. Our solutions for retail control cost by reducing shrinkage and preventing under-rings, sweetheart deals, cash stolen from registers and other fraudulent activities.

Inventory Management

With AT&I Systems technology helping you shoulder the burden of inventory management, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes from knowing your merchandise is properly managed and your bottom line stays in the black.

Customer/Employee Safety

We help you protect your greatest assets—your customers and employees. Any time there’s a large amount of cash, there’s a large amount of risk for theft and a threat to customer and employee safety. On a daily basis, more cash flows through a retail facility than just about any other type of business, so the need for reliable, integrated security is clear.

Customer Experience

It’s important that your customers feel comfortable about being in your store—because the better they feel, the longer they’ll stay. AT&I Systems can provide you with a full range of data collection technologies that allow customers to fully enjoy their shopping experience, make checkout more efficient, and help your employees be more productive.

Burglary Protection

We help you manage your resources and safeguard your property, employees and customers. Our operations management systems can monitor what goes on in and around your business by capturing and storing digital images of visitors and employees and detecting attempted break-ins. We focus on security so you can focus on building your business.

Application Benefits to Facility User
Intrusion Detection When the building is closed, the system senses unauthorized entry, and sounds a local alarm. The system notifies a monitoring station.
Fire Alarm The system monitors the building for smoke, heat, activation of a manual pull station, water flow, and fire supervisory devices. The system sounds a local alarm and notifies the monitoring station.
Door Access Control The system restricts access through doors into high-security departments based on the user, his/her authority, the armed state of the department, and the time of day.
CCTV Cameras The system integrates with a camera switcher. A user can centrally view and record selected departments.
Panic System Initiate policies for critical events. Buttons initiate specific local alarms and specific notification of critical events to the monitoring station.
Department Arming by Partition Arm and disarm various departments separately by users with programmable authority.
Emergency Exits Unauthorized exit causes the system to sound a local alarm.
Energy Management The system can save energy and costs.
Humidity Threshold The system senses high levels of humidity, provides a local indication and notifies the monitoring station.
Temperature Threshold Monitoring The system senses high and low temperature levels, provides a local indication and notifies the monitoring station.
Remote Control Remote switch to control lighting, cameras, pumps, sounders, indicators, generators, fans, and other powered devices.
Door Holder The system holds doors open in high traffic areas. A Fire alarm or user control releases the door, allowing it to automatically close.
Door Auto Lock The system automatically locks doors at closing time, allowing free exit for those finished with their business.
Duct Damper Control The system switches duct dampers to restrict the flow of smoke and toxic fumes during fire evacuation.
Elevator Access Control The system enables selection of floors for authorized users, and restricts floor access to others.
Elevator Recall The system can recall an elevator to a specified floor in the event of fire alarm activation.
Gate Control The system allows entry into parking facilities for authorized people, and restricts unauthorized people.
Vending Machine Security The system senses tampering and unauthorized entry into vending machines.
Leak and Flood The system can sense flooding due to maintenance issues, vandalism or broken pipes. In addition, it has the ability to sense the threshold level of water in a container or tank.


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