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We trust AT&I Systems for all our Video, Alarm and Access Control Systems at our Branches and Operations Center in Florida. I always know I can count on them for any issues whether its 10am or 10pm, they are always there for us.

Maria Garcia, V.P.

First Bank Florida

Electronic Locking Systems in Fort Lauderdale

There is a very true and distinct need for the right security systems to be in place for all types of businesses and buildings. This ranges from small single standing buildings with low traffic flow such as salons and small specialty stores to large businesses such as office and apartment buildings. The range of facilities that highly benefit by having the right security measures in place are of the utmost importance in today’s ever changing world. The need to keep employees, staff, vendors, guests, visitors and others safe at all times is truly a top priority for businesses and one of the most crucial elements in a comprehensive security solution is access control.

One good choice when the need for more enhanced access control is required is the use of electronic locking systems Fort Lauderdale. This is a key to really making sure a building or facility remains safe and secure at all times since the locking mechanisms can be automatic or manual; depending on the need. The right electronic locking systems Fort Lauderdale are those that lock and latch doors when they close and also alert security personnel to doors that are ajar or left open. This is a great way to stave off unwanted visitors or even perhaps those who are not allowed in to buildings or even areas within a building. The various uses for electronic locking systems Fort Lauderdale can be custom designed to meet any security or safety need a business may have and thus need to address in a technologically sound manner.

The other optimal security option that deals with access control are entry systems Boca Raton. These are the entry systems used in various buildings that allow for a wide variety of access control measures to be implemented, again, based on the situation and need. One can opt for high end, highly secure entry systems Boca Raton for those places where access needs to be highly limited and thus only those with the right credentials, card keys, or traditional keys can gain access to an area and those without such approval are not allowed in without permission or manually being left in to those areas.

Advanced entry systems, such as entry systems Boca Raton that can be custom programmed and installed, really do give your business or building the access control that is needed to keep everyone safe. This is even more of a pressing issue when you have large offices that have visitors coming and going at all times or apartment buildings where residents need to have that higher level protection against random people entering the facility. This is why the use of those Electronic Locking Systems in Fort Lauderdale are ideal in those cases. The use of the access control system best suited to your needs does bring with it an added layer of protection and thus goes a long way in making facilities as safe as possible through the use of such technologies and integrated systems.

Entry Systems Boca Raton can also have a place in residential usage as well. This is because people want to feel as safe and secure as possible in their own homes. This is why the need and use of Electronic Locking Systems Fort Lauderdale works well for those homes that want to make sure areas of the home remain secure at all times. This can be as simple as a locking system that is integrated to a home monitoring or security system or one that is more advanced and monitored remotely by a security firm. In fact, one can even opt for access control systems for only portions of the house such as enclosed pool areas, garages where top end vehicles are stored or perhaps a seldom used guest house on the property.

One can find various ways to benefit by the use of Electronic Locking Systems Fort Lauderdale for businesses, primary homes and even vacation homes. The right electronic access control system is one that has an operational mechanism that helps to ensure doors that need to be locked when not in use are in fact secured automatically. This helps to alleviate those times when doors are not locked due to human error or even rogue behavior. This just adds an extra element of safety and that is a feeling those in buildings, homes and other facilities enjoy as it helps them feel as if they are in fact safe.

What are some gate system options in Ft. Lauderdale?

One of the most important aspects to the security used in any business or community is in restricting access to those who can be properly identified as having the authority to enter. The best way of making this happen is by using the very same gate systems Fort Lauderdale businesses and residential communities are using these days.

Having a great perimeter fence is only as effective as the system used to let individuals in and out of a restricted area and the gate system is the only system guaranteed to be effective. There are many different types of gate systems but each serve the same purpose. A gate system is used to allow individuals with the authority to enter particular areas access while keeping uninvited guests from entering a property. The type of gate system used can make a difference in how secure a property will be.

For businesses and gated communities in Fort Lauderdale access control is an extremely important part of security. Access control is simply the method used in allowing authorized personal the ability to open a particular gate system in order to gain access. There are several different types of access control systems but the most popular are operated by telephone entry, card reader with bar codes, and security code. There aren’t many differences in these particular methods so it really comes down to preference.

The gate systems themselves also come in different varieties and these can make a difference in just how secure a property really is. Barrier arm gates are great when guarded by security who control the access at a given entrance. Without a guard controlling access at a barrier arm gate, the only thing that would be kept off of a property would be the vehicle itself.

Swing, slide, and overhead gates are all fairly equal when it comes to the amount of security they can provide. Each of these full size gate systems provide complete enclosure and restrict access to both vehicle and the individuals operating the vehicle. They do not necessarily need physical security control because the access control used will achieve the desired goal. No matter which of these options is chosen, the end result will always be much better security.

The perimeter fence protecting a property is only as good as the gate system being used to control the access points. Without the proper gate system, a perimeter fence isn’t secure at all. Remember that the different types of gate systems available are made for protecting the access points to different types of property and the type of gate system chosen will make a difference.

Why use a camera system?

Everyone wants the utmost in security for their home, but we are not always sure how to best achieve that desired security. At home camera systems are an ideal solution, particularly in South Florida, where high quality professional camera services abound, meaning you get the best safety system possible. Consider some of the major benefits of installing an at home camera system at your house today, to become one step closer to the ultimate in at home security. It is a decision that is a benefit to your entire household, one that will have you sleeping works easier at night.

How to Install

Obviously, camera installation can be a tricky process, so it is always best to call in the professionals. What may look like an overly complicated process to you is actually quite easy for those with the training needed to make it a snap. Make your appointment with AT&I Security Systems, and our trained professional will come out to look over your needs. You will receive guidance on how many videos you might need, what sort of coverage your property requires, and what sort of equipment would work best for your home.

Services Provided

Once your camera system is installed, there are a number of services you can expect to enjoy. Along with the surveillance of your home, you will have monitoring should something go awry. If your agent provides it, you can even get round the clock monitoring, so a call goes to the police immediately if a problem is detected. Plus, if there is a break in, you can rest easy knowing there is a tape available to give police a record of the crime. The authorities can use that tape as evidence later on in the investigation.

Where You Are Covered

In the tri-county area of South Florida, residents of numerous cities receive wonderful camera surveillance options. Security systems in Fort Lauderdale, camera systems in Boca Raton, and alarm companies in Miami are all plentiful, and offer professionalism and peace of mind to all their clients. Knowing you have so many choices to choose from in your area means you get competitive pricing and value, from experienced professionals who know how to get the job done. It takes the stress out of home surveillance, and gets the whole process underway quickly, without having to struggle to find a reliable camera security provider.

Setting your home up for safety and security should be a peaceful endeavor, not a major headache as you fight to find someone that can get the job done right the first time around. South Florida offers top of the line security camera installation, and makes it easier to know you are in the hands of the professionals. With some time and patience you can get your home outfitted with all the security equipment available. Soon, you will be resting peacefully, content in the knowledge that your home is under lock and key, keeping you and your property safe from predators.

Security Systems Fort Lauderdale

How Security Systems Keep Fort Lauderdale Safe

Do you live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida? Do you worry about your safety?  In reality, a lot of crimes that occur today can be prevented and reduced with the right security system.  Are you worried about their affordability? Don’t worry; you can get this service at an affordable cost if you consult with the right security experts.  An effective security system can be tailored to you or your company’s personal requirements.

Having an efficient security system can protect your home and your business from being subject to illegal activities.  Different types of technology can be used to create a system that will provide you with a unique plan that works for you or your institution.  Some people think that a criminal will commit a crime either way.  However, studies prove that adequate security systems can effectively stop many types of crime from even happening.

Robberies can be greatly reduced in Fort Lauderdale with AT&I security systems.  Think about the last bank robbery you’ve heard of.  Bank robberies don’t happen as often as convenience store robberies.  Why do you think that is?  Clearly, most Fort Lauderdale banks have security systems that use advanced technologies to prevent robberies.  If other types of businesses used these same too, there would be much fewer instances where a store robbery took place.  And even when banks are robbed, it is much easier to catch the suspect.  This is because the complex security systems that they have can connect directly to police officials in a matter of seconds, bringing the criminals to justice.   AT&I can give you and your company that kind of advantage.

Security systems not only help deter crime, but they also help with the general safety of the public.  In the event of a fire, proper surveillance can help in time to ensure the well-being of people and properties.  Surveillance officials and immediately contact the police department and the fire department so that they can quickly help the victims and minimize damage.  Flooding can also be detected by security systems.  This can minimize the destruction done to buildings and decrease the number of victims in a matter of minutes.  Wouldn’t it be great to be able to avoid all the damage that a fire or flood can do?  AT&I can provide you with the appropriate security system based on the latest technology to help get to your victims more quickly in the case of a disaster.

Evidently, security systems can help all Fort Lauderdale residents stay safe.  Whether they are used to discourage criminals from causing mischief and harm or to rescue people from disasters such as fires and floods, they can ensure that many people are unharmed.  You and your family can feel a lot safer from being victims of criminal activity.  Also, you can ensure that your business remains under surveillance at all times, regardless if you or security guards are present at any given moment.  AT&I can customize a system designed to meet you or your company’s unique needs.  That way, you can ensure that everyone is safe.

Security Cameras Fort Lauderdale

Are There Enough Security Cameras in Fort Lauderdale?

Are you a Fort Lauderdale resident?  Do you wonder how you can protect yourself and your family from crime?  Do you own a business that you’d like to protect from theft?  If you answered yes to any of those questions, you should consider equipping your home or business with security cameras.  AT&I can provide your home or office with excellent security cameras to watch over your family and employees.  How often do you hear of people who get harmed in front of their own homes due to lack of proper surveillance? Some people say that surveillance is not enough to stop crime.  However, research shows that at least 80% of criminals think twice before doing something illegal when there is a security camera on the premises.  Clearly, it is enough of a prevention and can put off mischief, both major and minor.

Vandalism is one of the main misdemeanors that get caught on security cameras in Fort Lauderdale.  You have probably heard of cars and walls full of graffiti in areas that are simply not intended for that purpose.  Most of these instances occur at night, when most people cannot see what is happening outside.  This is something that can easily be prevented by using security cameras in more places.  It is not enough to just have them in government buildings and airports.  You can avoid having your property vandalized by using them to watch your home or business day and night.  That way, you can keep your expensive equipment at work protected.  You can also protect your home, car, and pool from being destroyed.  When people who are up to no good see that they are being watched, they usually turn around and leave instead of vandalizing your property.

Another crime in Fort Lauderdale that is often captured by security cameras is robbery.  Convenience stores are usually targeted when it comes to this kind of crime.  Sometimes, thieves will think twice when they see that they are being watched by a security camera.  Even if they don’t care that they are being watched, their faces will be captured and it will be much easier for investigators and police officers to find out their identity.  Without proper surveillance, it is much more difficult to find suspects and them to justice.

Drug dealing is another offence in Fort Lauderdale that would be significantly reduced by implementing security cameras in various areas.  There is a dire need to watch youth closely to prevent this, especially in and around schools.  Most of the time, teens and young adults buy, sell, and use drugs in school hallways, restrooms, gymnasiums, and cafeteria.  Wouldn’t using security cameras in schools reduce the number of drug-related incidents?  Wouldn’t it make schools a safer place, for both students and teachers?  It would be an effective way to prevent teenagers from dealing with illegal drugs to begin with, because schools and school playgrounds are the most common places young people deal with them.

Cleary, making use of security cameras can reduce the number of crimes committed in Fort Lauderdale homes, stores, schools, and businesses.  Are you ready to start feeling safer? AT&I is ready to help.



Gate Service Fort Lauderdale

  1. How To Find The Best Deals For Gate Service In Fort Lauderdale

Ask any Fort Lauderdale business owner one thing they are always looking for and they will usually have a single answer to this question; saving money on expensive but necessary business expenses (or something along those lines). Businesses live and exist to generate money. If a business is losing constant money and their revenue is outweighed by the expenses, the business will shut down or eventually close for good. This is the number one nightmare for any business owner because it means that their efforts building a company did not pay off.  This is why florida business owners are graceful and thankful when other companies (that mainly deal to other business) offer their service and product at a special discount. This type of promotion makes sense because it drives sales for the company providing the service while also allowing the business to spend less for the product they need. When it comes to security, especially gate service systems, the bill and the expense can be above moderate. This is most of the Fort Lauderdale companies that need this essential gate service, are always looking for companies that can provide the cheapest and rates regarding gate security.

One of the best ways to find the best price for security gate service is by having in mind a clear idea of what you are looking for. Different services and specific tasks cost differently in regards to gate services. Get with a knowledgeable security expert and attempt to discuss which gate as well as technology meets your security needs. Then once you have a clear idea, attempt to use this knowledge to look for companies that specialize on that service and offer the lowest, or the most convenient pricing packages. Needless to say, like the old saying goes “by getting rid of the noise” you are able to see more clearly what you need an what you don’t need. This strategy allows you to eliminate unnecessary fees included on pricing packages while still keeping the essential services you implore.

The previously stated strategy can be effective with proper research, but because security related products are sophisticated, sometimes the best deals are not easily appreciated. Even if you think you are paying/ going to pay what seems as an overpriced rate for gate security, understand that high responsive technology, capable of preventing a casualty, is priced accordingly. Most security based packages require constant monitoring, recording and a network of professionals to run smoothly. Behind the security of your Fort Lauderdale business is a lot of man power and professionals keeping stable and responsive at all times.

This does not mean is not possible to find lower quotes for gate security, but it merely suggests that quality, reliability and professional service does not come cheap. Conduct the proper research and also take advantage of the experience and expertise of security professionals available at AT&I Systems that can orientate and help you find just the gate service you are looking for.



Fort Lauderdale Security

X Reasons Why Fort Lauderdale Law Enforcement Benefit From Security In Your Business

Some believe upgrading their security or installing a security systems only benefits them as a business entity. The reality is, upgrading and adding security to a fort Lauderdale establishment has a lot of impact on their enterprise but also exterior factors. Local law enforcement can be one of these exterior entities to benefit from your upped security levels. Police departments have been known for a long time for their use of every resource they can find to aid them on their difficult task of criminal control and peruse. This is why when you upgrade you are involuntarily you might be helping them do their job better.

Criminals often strike more than one place. It is believed that most property robbers and thieves that successfully break into a location are at least twice as likely to commit the crime again; and they will usually strike within a short period of their first robbery. This means if smart businesses and property use surveillance security, a set of footprints can be built to identify the criminals and eventually capture them. One of the first ways Fort Lauderdale police may benefit from your security is from monitoring systems and security camera footage. Catching criminals can become a difficult task without those who invest in security. With thousands of citizens and criminals becoming more effective at covering their tracks, law enforcement struggles to catch slick criminals that leave almost no trace or clues. Security tape recordings are powerful evidence that helps give real cues and clues to profile criminals as far as physical appearance, behavior and sometimes even age.

Fort Lauderdale businesses also help tremendously with alarm systems that alert police in instant from crimes taking place. In the pass, many tragedies and casualties have occurred due to late arrival of police forces. Criminals are dangerous individuals. Aside from stealing property, they can be dangerous and armed. Casualties are the worse resolution to a crime. Alarms can help when no one else can. Some robberies occur so fast that no one is capable of noticing or reacting fast enough to call for help. In these scenarios, a strong, active alarm system has saved lives many times by automatically alerting the police. This high technology helps police to respond faster and catch criminals before situations turn dangerous.

These are just some of the many ways police benefits from private security systems. Sometimes even with precaution, preventing a robbery or a criminal act are impossible. However taking all the right measures to assure the safety of you or your property help a lot in criminal catching. Police enforcement is there to protect you, however you can do a lot by taking your security measures into your own hands.



CCTV Fort Lauderdale

Why Fort Lauderdale’s Commercial Shopping Malls use CCTV for security purposes.

Commercial shopping malls in fort Lauderdale have been known for their high security requirements. Most malls (many times hosting thousands of customers) need an effective way of controlling and regulating criminal activity. In 2008 a survey conducted by NPSA estimated that 1 in 11 people are potential shoplifters. This means malls are a prime target in this devastating but real crime. Shoplifting can cause a lost of thousands of dollars a year worth of merchandise. Most small stores and big chains suffer equally when it comes to shoplifting crimes. The problem with this crime is its nature. Shoplifting can occur in a matter of seconds, and with thousands of customers on a store, staff and employees often have a hard time observing for potential shop lifters. But with CCTV malls and stores gain a huge advantage and can at least successfully stop a big majority of shoplifting from taking place.

A good example of a clear benefit of CCTVs is its superior monitoring prowess. Unlike regular cameras that are often static and non responsive, CCTVs allow Fort Lauderdale malls to monitor and keep close valiance to suspects. Most CCTVs in Florida malls are likely to be operated by human staff. This allows immediate tracking of shoplifters even as they leave a premise and move on to the next one. Every year thousands of shoplifters are banned from malls and even charged for their wrong doings.

Malls as well as stores also benefit from CCTVs unique placement flexibility. CCTVs have advance exponentially in a matter of years. In fact wireless CCTVs are unlike any equipment released before. Wireless CCTVs combine the technology of regular cameras and the advantage of wireless equipment to provide a premium product in the category of surveillance recording devices. More and more Fort Lauderdale malls take advantage of wireless CCTVs to place monitoring devices in essential locations.

Although shoplifting is a major worry and concern for Florida shopping centers, direct store robberies still occur. In fact robberies in shopping centers account for over twenty five percent of the total annual robberies committed in the united states. CCTVs can effectively help counter these criminal acts in many ways. CCTVs are capable of capturing more footage of the crime than static, non moveable cameras. CCTVs being human operated allow operators to contact police and law enforcement as soon as potential crimes takes place. This fast report of crime means a higher chance of capturing the criminals as well as a reduction of losses.

Malls are a prime location to use CCTVs, and this is proven every year with the staggering statistics regarding shoplifting and store robberies. They require strong surveillance, and now more than ever is this security is provided by CCTVs. Security is essential for businesses of all sizes. Whether is small stores or commercial size malls, crime and vandalism can affect the livelihood of an enterprise. Preventing crime is not easy, but working with the right equipment facilitates the task.



Access Control Fort Lauderdale

What Do Fort Lauderdale facilities value the most about their Access Control?

Access control technology is used every day by businesses in Fort Lauderdale. The exact use varies, as some businesses use it primarily to restrict the entrance and exiting of a property, while other businesses might implement access control technology with security chambers among others to form safety boxes. In the end besides whatever specific reason these Florida enterprises have to use this security technology, most of them benefit greatly from it. Unlike any other form of security, access control can be implemented and used in many different ways.

Most Fort Lauderdale businesses that use access control in their storage agree that the data provided is valuable. Data collected by access control often revolves around specific statistics of entry/ leaving rate of the enterprise premise. This means employers can use this data to find insights on their employee’s performance as well as efficiency of their individual businesses. This type of access control is often used at check points such as security gates, meaning the data is normally very accurate.

Other businesses, such as those that integrate access security into safety boxes and chambers benefit from the precision and reliability of today’s modern access control. Unlike in the pass where access control would only conform to do simple security tasks, today’s complex access control allows facilities such as banks and ATM operators to use access control to protect their funds and machinery. Initially the majority of safety boxes would be made with manual non digital safety mechanism. Although still used today, technology has advanced enough to make access control technology more convenient and responsive than manual lock mechanisms (traditionally used on safety boxes). Banks and ATMS both benefit from the many security capabilities new access control systems offer.

Access security can also be synced with other security equipment. This is why many florida businesses benefit from access systems with alarm triggering systems. Old access security systems often failed to direct breaching attempts. However this new, more responsive technology can counter crimes with built in security measures. A good example is banks and similar institutions with access systems capable of auto shutting down if the wrong access code has been entered several times in a row. This is just one example of different security solutions working together with an access system.

Today access systems are capable of providing from simple home property security to huge enterprise protection. This flexibility has made this security solution one of the most chosen and used among most Fort Lauderdale businesses. As a business owner is always worthy researching new technology capable of aiding the extension of your business longevity. Access security services are most often offered by security companies. Contacting a reputable security company is the first step in the process. Once the company is contacted you will be advised and shown an extensive range of options and plans to suit your needs. Remember that although security access (or any form of security for that matter) is not mandatory for your business, adding the right systems can exponentially guarantee your business against crime in the long run.



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